About Us

Our Expertise

Dakota Trading is a leading grocery importer and valuable resource to the Canadian Grocery trade.  As an established vendor within the Canadian grocery trade, we have experience dealing with all the nation’s large, medium and small sized retailers. Dakota maintains all the technology and logistics tools necessary to meet all the requirements of the demanding Canadian trade.

Our understanding of the retail landscape allows us to be effective analysts of product potential before introduction.

Our History

Dakota Trading Corporation was founded in 2003 by Bob Gilbert.  Named in part to acknowledge our American neighbours, and for a vibrant Winnipeg neighbourhood, Dakota seemed an appropriate name for our trading company.  It was formed as a vehicle to combine years of expertise, knowledge of the Canadian trade, with supplier contacts, as an opportunity to provide valuable services to both ends of the supply chain.

Our Team

Bob Gilbert


Bob Gilbert has over 50 years experience in the grocery trade and has been a valuable resource to the trade during that time. His proven ability to source dynamic products and provide profitable solutions to retail is an invaluable resource for retailers and suppliers alike. Bob has presided over importing and marketing businesses, food processing, and built one of Western Canada’s leading food brokerages from the ground up. Westrade Sales was forged from Gilbert Agencies, a firm of Bob and his father Edward in Winnipeg’s historic and now trendy Johnston terminal. It grew under his leadership to a leading brokerage with offices in seven cities and dozens of sales and admin staff.

In time, importing became a large part of Westrade and the brokerage was sold off to pursue the development of importing grocery products.

Grant Gilbert


Grant Gilbert joined Dakota in 2008 after providing periodic consultation and sales assistance. Grant had valuable experience working for Westrade Sales in Saskatchewan learning the trade, and joined the importing sales force soon after that. After a stint in the food processing business Grant pursued a sales management position in 2001 where he gained invaluable sales management knowledge and business leadership skills. He spent seven years gaining in-depth knowledge and contacts in Canada’s and the United States’ grocery business.

Grant fosters the sales and development of the Jolly Time popcorn brand in Canada and oversees administration and finance functions for Dakota Trading.

Our Mission

Dakota Trading’s mission is to bring the benefits of products with superior performance to the Canadian grocery retail sector.