Producers We Represent

Jolly Time popcorn is Dakota’s flagship brand. Distributed from coast to coast in Canada, Dakota has built Jolly Time from a western Canadian brand to a national brand with an vastly expanded product range
Dakota Trading has developed tortilla and snack foods business for Shearer’s in Canada and continues to effectively service this business to be profitable and attractive for all the partners in this supply chain. Shearer’s Foods proudly produces snacks foods for many U.S., Canadian, and Interntional retailers, including some where the partnerships on Canadian private label Tortillas have been established by Dakota Trading.

Northern Goose. Based in Teulon, Manitoba, Dakota has worked extensively to develop both Emden and Young Asian goose to the grocery trade, Asian specialty wholesalers, US, and international customers. Northern Goose relies on Dakota for our experience in the food trade to get their product to market.

Introduced in the third quarter of 2018, Dakota has introduced our brand Allantra canned meats successfully with significant new business pending on the products. 

Bar S. This major US national brand is being introduced by Dakota Trading in 2019.